This Custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod Is Inspired By The Bajaj Pulsar And Ducati Panigale


Growing up in India, we often found accessible bikes like the Bajaj Pulsar being modified to look like big bikes. But a big bike using a Pulsar headlight, this is new! Poland’s Szajba Garage has gone to town on two radically modified Harley-Davidson V-Rods named Mephisto and Grunwald. What stood out the most is the use of Bajaj Pulsar NS200-inspired headlight and a Ducati Panigale inspired tail.

There are a bunch of custom mods done on both bikes like an extended swing arm, linked monoshock at the rear among other cosmetic bits. Besides, the badging on the fuel tank and moniker on the exhaust are finished in silver. The garage is said to have hired Piotr Parczewski, a renowned European spray paint artist to give both bikes a truly unique look.

While information on performance upgrades isn’t clear, what’s visible are a pair of free-flow exhaust systems and a nitrous-oxide cylinder bolted to the tail section. If the NOS system works, then these V-Rods will fly like rockets!

Yes, these are two very radical looking motorcycles, but it’s kinda cool that the Bajaj Pulsar headlight has been rather neatly and non-intrusively integrated within the build. Humara Bajaj!

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